It’s the job everyone wants.

To be on stage, to be the star, to be listened to and applauded, to be positioned as the go-to expert, to be seen and be sought after.

Is it any wonder that every famous person – from Presidents, to Actors, to CEOs, to Spiritual Leaders – all become Speakers?

It is the best job on the planet.

And it’s been my main gig for over ten years – a journey that enabled me to impact half a million people, sell tens of thousands of books, and make well over a Million dollars in speaking fees…

…all while getting paid to travel around the world!

That’s over a million dollars to be on stage – not including book sales, coaching, consulting, and other follow-on services that were the RESULT of being on stage.

Speaking is not only a way to share your message,
feel loved, and become famous…

There’s also an INCREDIBLE amount of money to be made in the process.

Even to this day, as my kids are older and I’ve decided to “retire” from my annual speaking tour to only speak virtually or locally – I still hop onto Zoom for an hour and make thousands of dollars.

People now reach out to ME to book me vs. the other way around. It’s such a good feeling to know the foundation I built years ago still has such incredible returns! 

And this path is available to you.
Let me share how…

There are few jobs that will pay you thousands (or even tens of thousands)
for an hour of your time.

And you’re right, it feels friggin awesome!

It feels AWESOME to:

– be paid crazy amounts of money

– get put up in fancy hotels

– have someone pay for you to travel around the world

– have hundreds (or thousands!!) of people applauding for you…

…then following up with you with so much gratitude and very often, a desire to invest in more of your services.

Speaking has led me to:

– Design curriculum for major universities that thousands of students experience every year (like the University of Texas, Austin)

– Be featured on international TV, radio, and newspapers (like “Sole24” which is the “Wall Street Journal” of Italy)

– Consult for national governments on shaping their future strategies (including Saudi Arabia)

– Present on prestigious stages that most speakers only DREAM of being on (including Harvard Business School, TEDx, and ASAE)

– Shift the entire cultures of major corporations (like Mastercard, Starbucks, JP Morgan, BP, Barclay’s and more!)

“I didn’t know that all I wanted to learn about living my dream of being on stage could all be in one place like this, I’m lit up!”

So many people start off in speaking, and tend to settle for something much less exciting than all of this:

…you sign up for a Speaker Agency, and maybe book a talk or two a year, and often find yourself speaking for “exposure” (free).

There’s a way to make an actual career from speaking.

>> It’s what separates those who want to speak as a hobby and those who want to make it a real career (or major aspect of their career alongside coaching or consulting).

>> It’s what separates the ones who sit around wishing they could have this amazing job, and those who know they’re born for the stage and meant to shine & impact others.

 It’s the difference between introducing yourself as a “Public Speaker” (aka “I speak for free”) vs a “Professional Speaker” (aka I do this and get paid)

To be a REAL speaker, to get on stages, get paid, impact millions, and build a legacy, you need to nail 4 things:

1) Your Positioning: This is why someone will book you (and is the #1 thing people get completely wrong)

2) Your Marketing This is reaching the people who actually do the bookings (knowing where they are and where you should be reaching out)

3) Your Materials: This is what you send when someone asks for you to “send over your stuff” when they’re deciding whether to book you as a speaker

4) Your Strategy: This is knowing with deep clarity what exactly you’re selling, to whom, how, and why

Along the way, you also need to understand:

>> Who your customer actually is

>> Why people book a speaker

>> What you’re actually expected to deliver

>> How to “knock it out of the park”
beyond just delivering a “nice talk”

>> Which market to align yourself to
(yes, there are submarkets within speaking)

>> Who to reach out to

>> What to have prepared

>> How to price yourself

>> How to negotiate during a booking conversation to
optimize impact, fees, and exposure

>> What creates the highest rebooking / referral potential that lets your speaking career take-off like
a rocketship!

…and SO MUCH more.

“I honestly went from being curious about how to Speak to now having a much deeper understanding of the depth and intricacies of how to set it up as a business in a step-by-step process, and then having Jaymin’s experience to guide me in this process… I feel really solid the direction everything is going!”

Just like any industry, there’s a lot to understand to be one of the few who actually “make it” as a real speaker.

If you’re committed to taking the world by storm, being on stage, getting paid, getting taken seriously, and stepping into the lime-light to impact millions and make millions…

Then you’re in the right place.

In addition to equipping you with all of the information you need to break out of the pack and fuel your speaking career to actually take off, I’ll also be sharing my own personal marketing materials, pricing strategies, and secrets on what makes an amazing talk to get you rebooked AND sets you up for follow-on sales of books, coaching, consulting, or other services… which comes from over a decade of experience delivering well over 500 paid talks.

Want to see my Speaker Proposal that’s led to $1M in speaker fees?
You got it.

Want to know all my strategies for getting the most cash ROI from any talk?
You got it.

Want to know my unique strategies that get me rebooked and referred?
You got it.

>> Oh yeah, you’re going to get it ALL! <<

This isn’t sh*t you can Google.

But you could always try that route…

I’ve taught this stuff to dozens of aspiring speakers – some have gone on to make over 6-figures in speaking fees.

Some booked $3500 gigs before the course was even completed!

Who is Jaymin?

Jaymin J. Patel is a Growth Coach & Soul Mentor for High-Achievers.

Business Owners, Founders, Spiritual Leaders, and celebrated Artists come to Jaymin after they’ve explored coaching (or have become a coach) and now want to explore their EDGE and see
what more is possible.


Jaymin’s mission is to help soul-aligned leaders unlock their Greatest Achievement Potential, experience the highest levels of freedom & truth, and easefully expand into even more abundance in health, wealth, & love

…without misspending a single ounce of their precious time & energy on the oh-so-common hurdles that hold most people back from living their greatest life & doing their greatest work.

In addition to being a (TEDx) speaker who has delivered 500+ paid talks and being an author of 8 books, Jaymin is a highly sought-after, heart-driven, no-fluff, intuitive coach who has been hired by powerful leaders in the spiritual & transformational communities as well as top leaders of corporations around the world like Kraft, Unilever, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank.

Jaymin has been invited to speak at prestigious stages like Harvard Business School, The London School of Economics, ASAE, and has been called upon to consult for high level strategy programs for national governments globally, most recently Saudi Arabia.

Most importantly, Jaymin is a dad of two incredible kids and shares a beautiful conscious relationship with his wife, Eri. He and his family are currently living on the tropical island of Bali, where he hosts private retreats for his clients.

Andrew feels so good about finally getting his positioning!

Your results will of course be ignited by YOU doing the work and
adding momentum to your mission.

If you’re ready to step into this next-level and live your dream as a REAL Professional Speaker then I have created 3 options to take you through this content and set you up for a lifetime of speaking success.

 This is no longer my primary work – as my family dynamics shifted, I’ve moved on to focusing primarily on coaching, which has become a highly successful business for me.

I’ve chosen to only speak virtually or locally a couple times per month (which still is a reliable multi 5-figures a year in almost passive income).

However, I’m sitting on a mountain of valuable wisdom that can propel you on this path. I’ve taught it before with a big impact, and I’m excited to do it again.

I know the wisdom and insights I have can launch the next Brene Browns and Simon Sineks of the world!

I’ve created a powerful course to take you from A-Z, covering areas like:.

>> Speaker Wisdom
>> Monetization
>> Expert Hacking
>> Marketing Collateral
>> The World of Speaking
>>Your Speaker Positioning
>> Finding Your Customer
>> Empowered Selling
>> Marketing Collateral
>> Pricing & Negotiation
>> How to Deliver an Amazing Talk
>> Insider Tips for Combining Work with Travel & Fun

Group program forming for 2023 – beginning May 11th!

investment options:

✓ Done-WITH-You (minimum class of 4 people, maximum 8):
7-week Group Program with hot-seat laser coaching to give you the group momentum, and get you through the “hump” so you can have everything you need to go book those gigs

Early Bird Pay-in-Full

Early Bird Payment Plan
3 Installments of $1950

 ****Early Bird Price Ends May 5th, Standard Price is $6500, Get it Now and Save $1000****


Sign up now and I will gift you a special bonus on our final call that will act as the rocketfuel on your speaking journey… a list of more than 2 dozen contacts of actual bookers you can message directly to get booked for a speaking event!

Not only will you develop your speaker positioning, your speaker marketing materials, and know how to lead a conversation with a booker to land the gig over other seasoned speakers…

… you’ll now get a bonus Done-FOR-You list of more than 2 dozen contacts for your unique niche to reach out to!

Note: This will be a curated, individualized list for YOUR specific positioning & speaking submarket which you will develop in the course… not some copy/cut general list.

This Bonus alone is worth $10k+ in potential speaking gigs! All delivered to you by my team and I on our final call to ensure your success.

That’s how committed I am to your success! I guarantee you will love it.

✓ Done-By-You (most popular option):

 All of the Speak On It Content Modules… for life! Self-guided course that will give you the step-by-step blue print to start getting paid as a Speaker:

✓ Done-FOR-You:

3 1:1 sessions (subject to availability) with me to suss out all your details, have it done FOR you by me and my team – leaving you feeling 100% confident you’re ready to launch your speaking career:

If you show up,
do the work,
and take action, you can easily recoup this investment in (just) a couple speaking gigs.

And convert that into 6-7 figures of lifetime value that keeps getting you paid.

If you show up,
do the work,
and take action, you can easily recoup this investment in (just) a couple speaking gigs.

And convert that into 6-7 figures of lifetime value that keeps getting you paid.

The decision you need to make is simple:

Do you truly want to be on stage, and do you trust your dedication to making this work once the path has been cleared wide-open for you?

I will openly and honestly share everything I’ve gained over the past ten years of success in this industry and remove all hurdles that may come in your path to ensure you are ready to launch your career as a prominent, booked-out, in-demand speaker who impacts millions AND makes millions.

I’ve done it.

It’s possible.

If you desire the same, then reach out to chat more about it.

100,000+ Speaking Gigs are happening EACH DAY & so many Speakers are sharing their hearts and getting paid.

The BIG Question is…

Why not you?